Sodium Methyl Lauroyl Taurate

Amino acid surfactant

Sodium Methyl Lauroyl Taurate

  • INCI Name:          Sodium Methyl Lauroyl Taurate
  • Chemical Name: Sodium salt of the lauric acid amide of N-methyl taurine
  • CAS No:               4337-75-1

What is Sodium methyl lauroyl taurate?

  • Sodium methyl lauroyl taurate is a safe and non-irritating anionic surfactant with good detergency and emulsifying ability, good foam performance, and can give hair and skin a mild, moisturizing and refreshing feeling. Mainly used in foam cleanser (surfactant system as the main surfactant, soap base system as auxiliary surfactant), foam bath liquid, shampoo and other products.

Features of Sodium methyl lauroyl taurate

  • Mild surfactant; Wash off dirt selectively; Used in soap base products to lower irritation
  • Good compatibility and can be applied to a wide range of products
  • Features good abstersion, moisturising, emulsification and softening ability
  • Stable, fine and smooth foam can be produced under broad pH, even with the existence of grease
  • With hard water tolerant; Good dispersion capacity of calcium soap
  • It is less absorbed; easy to rinse off; skin doesn’t feel dry and tight after using

Uses & Applications

Personal care

  • Various shampoos, especially mild, low-irritation and anti-dandruff shampoos;
  • Mild foam cleanser and high-grade cleansing cream, soap-based products
  • Conditioning shower gel and foam bath products;
  • Hand sanitizer, mouthwash, toothpaste and other personal care products

Product Details







Appearance, 25ºC

White to light yellow paste 

White crystalline powder

Active Matter, %



Solid content, %



pH-value, 1% aq.



Sodium Chloride content ,%



Water content, %



Heavy metals, ppm



Shelf Life

24 months

Download Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet — Sodium Methyl Lauroyl Taurate

Material Safety Data Sheet– Sodium Methyl Lauroyl Taurate

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