Preservative K220



  1. Basic Information

K220 is a preservative system with the following active ingredients:

Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) 2682-20-4 220-239-6
Ethylhexylglycerin (EHG) 70445-33-9 408-080-2


  1. Technical Specification
Item Specification
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Refractive index 1.447-1.458


  1. Application field
  • K220 is a non-formaldehyde and paraben preservative. It can control a variety of bacteria, fungi and yeasts in a broad-spectrum and long-term effect. It is a typical antibacterial and antiseptic product, and it also has a certain sterilization ability.
  • K220 can be used in the formulation of rinse-off and leave-on personal care products, the dosage limit is 0.03~0.12%.
  • The pH value range of K220 is 3~10, preferably below 80℃.
  • K220 is widely used in shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, liquid soaps, body washes, creams, lotions, sunscreen products, etc.


  1. Packing

Standard packaging includes the following:

25kg per drum, Other package sizes are available upon request.


  1. Storage

Store in a well-ventilated, cool, dry area, out of direct sunlight. Keep containers tightly closed when not in use.


  1. Period of validity

24 months