Piroctone Olamine

Piroctone Olamine

Piroctone Olamine

  • INCI Name:       Piroctone Olamine
  • Chemical Name: 1-Hydroxy-4-methyl-6-(2,4,4-trimethylpentyl)pyridin-2(1H)-one, compound with 2-aminoethanol (1:1)
  • CAS No:             68890-66-4

Piroctone Olamine has excellent antipruritic effect, has a unique effect on eliminating skin itching, can effectively kill the fungi that grow on the skin, and has a special deodorizing effect.

  • It has superior function of relieving itching.
  • Possesses sterilization and deodorization effects.
  • It shows broad-spectrum killing effect on fungus & mold and has great treatment efficacy on Tinea manuum and Tinea pedis.
  • Piroctone Olamine has good compoundability, safe, non-toxic and non-irritating, it is an ideal high-efficiency fungicide.
  • Acts as an anti-dandruff agent and can be used in leave-on hair products.
  • It can be used as preservatives in cosmetics and bactericide as well as thickeners in soaps.

Uses & Applications

Personal care

  • It is mainly used for anti-itching and anti-dandruff conditioning shampoos and hair care shampoos.
  • It can also be used for antibacterial soap, shower gel, medicated toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.
  • Recommended dosage: 0.4%~0.8%.

Product Details






White or slightly yellow crystalline powder

Purity(HPLC) %


PH value (1% aqueous suspension,20℃)


Melting Point ℃


Drying loss %


Ash(SO4) %


Particle size distribution

D(0.5): 30-50um Provide a profile
representative of the raw material

E1% (1cm) at 317 nm expressed an dried substance


Ethanolamine, %


Nitrosamine content,ppm


Heavymetals, ppm


Hexane(GC) ppm


Ethyl acetate(GC) ppm


Shelf Life

24 months

Download Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet –Piroctone Olamine

Material Safety Data Sheet– Piroctone Olamine

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