• INCI Name:          Phenoxyethanol
  • Chemical Name: Ethylene glycol monophenyl ether
  • CAS No:               122-99-6

Phenoxyethanol is a colorless, slightly viscous liquid with an aromatic odor. In cosmetics, it functions as a preservative, a solvent, and an antimicrobial ingredient, found in a wide range of cosmetics and skincare, such as cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and creams.

  • Preservative
    Phenoxyethanol mainly inhibits the bacteria produced in skin care products, which can reduce the problems caused by the deterioration of skin care products and prolong the service life of skin care products. However, it has weak inhibition on fungi and is the most widely used preservative in cosmetics. In many low-irritation product formulations, phenoxyethanol is used as the only preservative, and polyalcohols with antibacterial effects work together to play a preservative role.
  • Solvent
    Phenoxyethanol can be miscible with water and polar organic solvents such as ethanol, propanol, propylene glycol, etc. It is a better solvent and penetrant aid for hair dyes and nail polish colors, an ideal solvent for hydroxybenzoic acid esters. can be used as a fixative in perfumes, insect repellents, external disinfectants, etc

With increasing demand for paraben-free cosmetic products among health-conscious consumers, Phenoxyethanol has become a very popular preserving ingredient.

Phenoxyethanol suppiled by Quzhou Ebright Chemicals Co.,Ltd is suitable for different applications in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial filed with stable performance and competitive price.

Uses & Applications

Personal care and cosmetic

  • Act as preservative, features high efficiency, broad spectrum, low toxicity and no allergic irritation.
  • Good compatibility, widely used in cosmetic creams shampoos and personal care products.
  • A better solvent and penetrant aid for hair dyes and nail polish colors, also other preservatives.
  • Used as a diluent for fragrances.

Pharmaceutical Field

  • Used as a fungicide, preservative, and acaricide in medicine.
  • Preparation of phenoxyethylamine derivatives and the preparation of other pesticide chemical intermediates such as phenoxy ether.
  • Solvent for some phamarceutical raw material.

Industrial Field

  • An ideal solvent for cellulose acetate, resins, dyes, photosensitive materials, etc., as a textile auxiliary for printing pastes.
  • A penetrant for printing pad inks.
  • An anti-blocking agent for screen printing and has better washing ability than trichloroethane.
  • Color developer for lithographic printing boards, solder paste for screen printing, conductive paste for printing, and masking paste.
  • A component in various surface cleaning agents for metals, ceramics, glass and plastics.
  • Phenoxyethanol is used in adhesives such as Baide glue, floor glue, etc., which can significantly improve the bonding strength of the adhesive

Product Details of Phenoxyethanol






Colorless clear liquid



Assay %


PH value


Phenol ,ppm


Water content %


Shelf Life

24 months

Download Data Sheet of Phenoxyethanol

Technical Data Sheet –Phenoxyethanol

Material Safety Data Sheet– Phenoxyethanol

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