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  • INCI Name:          Phenoxyethanol
  • Chemical Name: Ethylene glycol monophenyl ether
  • CAS No:               122-99-6

Phenoxyethanol is a colorless, slightly viscous liquid with an aromatic odor, it has a broad-spectrum antibacterial activity,generally used in cosmetic and skincare products as a preservative, it also can be used in combination with other active ingredients to enhance the activity of other antibacterial agents.

Phenoxyethanol is also used as a solvent due to its excellent solubility, it can dissolve in both water and oil, can be integrated with different types of products, used to solubilize a variety of raw materials and active ingredients.

Phenoxyethanol is a very stable molecule in a wide range of pH and temperature. The minimum inhibitory concentration is 0.06% to 1.00%. The melting point is 14 ℃, the boiling point is 244.9 ℃, and the flash point is 107 ℃.

Phenoxyethanol suppiled by Quzhou Ebright Chemicals Co.,Ltd is suitable for different applications in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial filed with stable performance and competitive price.

Uses & Applications

Personal care and cosmetic

  • Act as preservative, features high efficiency, broad spectrum, low toxicity and no allergic irritation.
  • Good compatibility, widely used in cosmetic creams shampoos and personal care products.
  • A better solvent and penetrant aid for hair dyes and nail polish colors, also other preservatives.
  • Used as a diluent for fragrances.

Pharmaceutical Field

  • Used as a fungicide, preservative, and acaricide in medicine.
  • Preparation of phenoxyethylamine derivatives and the preparation of other pesticide chemical intermediates such as phenoxy ether.
  • Solvent for some phamarceutical raw material.

Industrial Field

  • An ideal solvent for cellulose acetate, resins, dyes, photosensitive materials, etc., as a textile auxiliary for printing pastes.
  • A penetrant for printing pad inks.
  • An anti-blocking agent for screen printing and has better washing ability than trichloroethane.
  • Color developer for lithographic printing boards, solder paste for screen printing, conductive paste for printing, and masking paste.
  • A component in various surface cleaning agents for metals, ceramics, glass and plastics.
  • Phenoxyethanol is used in adhesives such as Baide glue, floor glue, etc., which can significantly improve the bonding strength of the adhesive

Product Details of Phenoxyethanol







Colorless clear liquid




Assay %




PH value




Phenol ,ppm




Water content %



Shelf Life

24 months

Download Data Sheet of Phenoxyethanol

Technical Data Sheet –Phenoxyethanol

Material Safety Data Sheet– Phenoxyethanol

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