Application of P-Anisic Acid in Cosmetic and Persoanl Care Product


In recent years, with the concept of “natural preservatives” and “no added preservatives”, many large cosmetic companies have gradually begun to use a safer and more effective preservative p-anisic acid. The chemical name of p-anisic acid is 4-methoxybenzoic acid or p-methoxybenzoic acid. It is naturally present in our food flavor-star anise, and it is a very safe substance.

The main functions of p-anisic acid in cosmetics and skin care products are moisturizers, flavors and fragrances, and preservatives. The risk factor is 1, which is relatively safe and can be used with confidence. Generally, it has no effect on pregnant women. p-anisic acid has no acne-causing properties. It has a long-lasting hawthorn scent. It is used to formulate various floral flavors, and has good moisturizing effect. It can also be used as a preservative.


As a professional manufacturer of cosmetic additives, Quzhou Ebright Chemicals has now grown into the world’s largest and most professional manufacturer of cosmetic grade p-anisic acid. In recent years, the sales volume of Ebright Chemical’s cosmetic grade p-anisic acid has been steadily increasing year by year.

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