Ethyl Paraben Sodium


  1. Basic Information
Product Name: Ethyl paraben sodium
CAS Registry No.: 35285-68-8
Molecular Formula: C9H9O3Na
Molecular Weight: 188.8
Structural Formula:
Synonyms: 4-hydroxybenzoic acid ethyl ester sodium salt;

ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate sodium salt;

sodium ethyl paraben


  1. Physical Property

Ethyl paraben sodium is a non-toxic, odorless, non-irritating, non-allergic white crystalline powder, easily soluble in water.


  1. Technical Specification
Item BP/ USP /GB 30601-2014
Appearance White or nearly white powder
Clarity and color of solution Qualified
Content (dry basis)% ≥ 99.0-103.0
pH 9.5-10.5
Sulfate % ≤ 0.030
Chloride % ≤ 0.035
Impurities 4-Hydroxybenzoic acid≤4.0%;

other single impurities≤0.5%;

the sum of the other single impurities≤1.0%

Moisture % ≤ 5.0
Lead (Pb) mg/kg ≤ 2


  1. Packing

Standard packaging includes the following:

25kg per drum, 25kg/carton

Other package sizes are available upon request.


  1. Storage

Store in a well-ventilated, cool, dry area, out of direct sunlight. Keep containers tightly closed when not in use.


  1. Period of validity

24 months


  1. Application

This product is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, feed, manufactured goods for daily use, and other industries