Disodium Phenyl Dibenzimidazole Tetrasulfonate

Disodium Phenyl Dibenzimidazole Tetrasulfonate

  • INCI Name:     Disodium Phenyl Dibenzimidazole Tetrasulfonate
  • Chemical Name: 1H-Benzimidazole-4,6-Disulfonic Acid, 2,2′-(1,4-Phenylene)Bis-, Disodium salt
  • CAS No:             180898-37-7

Disodium Phenyl Dibenzimidazole Tetrasulfonate is a water-soluble UVA protective agent, with good light stability, usually used in sunscreen and daily care products.

This long-named molecule is a chemical sunscreen agent that protects the skin from the UVA II rays (320-350 nm mainly) with a peak absorbance at 335 nm. Unlike most other sunscreen filters, it is not oil, but water-soluble helping formulators to create less greasy sunscreens.

It also has a good safety profile with very low skin penetration and is approved up to 10% in the EU.

Uses & Applications

Personal care

  • Widely used as UV filters in sunscreens and cosmetics to prevent sunburn and skin damage, or as stabilizers to prevent photodegradation in many commercial products.
  • Finds application in formulating sun-, baby- & daily skin care products and decorative cosmetics with sun protection.

Product Details






Yellow powder


≥ 96.0%

Loss on drying


Specific extinction (E1%, 1cm)

≥ 99.0%

Shelf Life

24 months

Download Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet –Disodium Phenyl Dibenzimidazole Tetrasulfonate

Material Safety Data Sheet– Disodium Phenyl Dibenzimidazole Tetrasulfonate

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