Chlorhexidine Acetate

Chlorhexidine acetate

Chlorhexidine Acetate

  • INCI Name:          Chlorhexidine Acetate
  • Chemical Name: Hibitane Diacetate
  • CAS No:                200-302-4

Chlorhexidine Acetate is a white or almost white, micro crystalline powder, odorless and bitter. Soluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in water. The aqueous solution has the function of sterilization and disinfection.

Chlorhexidine Acetate is a biguanide fungicide, which has rapid bactericidal effect on Gram-positive bacteria and Gram-negative bacteria, it is also effective to pseudomonas aeruginosa. Used in hand before surgery, skin, plane surface and instruments disinfection. 


Uses & Applications

Personal Care

Chlorhexidine acetate has quite strong broad-spectrum antibacterial and bactericidal effects, and is effective against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. It can be used for disinfection of hands and skin, as well as disinfection of rooms and furniture. Use 0.5% aqueous solution Spray or wipe.

Pharmaceutical Field

Chlorhexidine acetate can be used as a disinfectant and antiseptic, a high-efficiency and safe antibacterial disinfectant for external use, which can kill Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Candida albicans, and is used for disinfection before surgery and surgical instruments.

Oral Care

Chlorhexidine acetate has anti-inflammatory effect, gargle with 0.02% aqueous solution (1:5000), effective for pharyngitis, buccitis and oral ulcers.

Product Details





White or almost white, microcrystalline powder

Infrared Absorption

Infrared absorption spectrophotometry confirm

Residue on ignition

NMT 0.15%

Organic Impurities

NMT 3.0%

Limit of p-chloroaniline

NMT 500ppm

Loss on drying

NMT 3.5%


MT 97.5%

Shelf Life

24 months

Download Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet –Chlorhexidine Acetate

Material Safety Data Sheet– Chlorhexidin Acetate

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