• INCI Name:          Benzophenone-4
  • Chemical Name: 1-phenol-4-sulfonic acid
  • CAS No:                4065-45-6

What is Benzophenone-4?

  • Benzophenone-4, also knowns as Sulisobenzone, is a water-soluble UV filter. It is a protective ingredient that works to keep the UVB rays away from the skin and hair, also is commonly used for other purposes such as extending the shelf lives of products and acting as a color protectant.

Features of Benzophenone-4

  • Photostabilizer. It is a chemical sunscreen agent used for its ability to absorb UV rays. It helps prevent the integrity of other cosmetic ingredients from deteriorating under the sun.
  • High efficiency. Concentrations of as low as 0.1% provides good results. Though it covers UVB and short UVA (UVA-2) range rays, it’s an inadequate sunscreen agent when used alone. For this reason, it is often used in conjunction with other sun protecting ingredients.
  • Wide application. It’s used in a variety of personal care products like sunscreen, nail polish, lotion/cream and lipstick, also as ultra-violet stabilizer in wool, cosmetics, pesticides &lithographic plate coating.


  • It must be noted that Benzophenone-4 is not compatible with Mg salts, particularly in water-oil emulsions. Benzophenone-4 has a yellow color that becomes more intensive in the alkaline range & may alter the due of colored solutions.

Uses & Applications

Personal care

Benzophenone-4 is a common chemical compound that is used in a variety of cosmetic and skin care products. It can be found in products like shower gels, sunscreens, mascaras, shampoos, and cleansers.

  • Sun care: It is a sunscreen agent that protects the skin against harmful UVB rays. Since it is not very strong, it is often used with other sunscreen layers for this purpose. Similarly, Benzophenone-4 also protects the products from degradation due to UVB exposure.
  • Cosmetic products: It is added to increase the shelf life of the products, as it is a photoprotectant. It is also a color protectant for the products that come in clear packages.

Product Details






White or light yellow powder

Melting point


Loss on drying



≥ 99.0%

PH value


Water solution degree of turbidity




Heavy metal


Shelf Life

24 months

Download Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet –Benzophenone-4

Material Safety Data Sheet– Benzophenone-4

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